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The Anxiety Index Page
Hypnosis and NLP for a broad range of issues to do with anxiety. Help is provided for general anxiety disorder, wedding nerves and wedding stress, self esteem, confidence and social phobia. We also provide help for excessive blushing, exam nerves, interview nerves and panic attacks.
Anxiety Disorder
NLP and hypnosis to help with general anxiety disorder.
Help for you to put an end to excessive blushing problems.
Exam Nerves
Be calmer and perform at your best during exams.
Interview Nerves
Get rid of your interview nerves in advance.
Panic Attacks
Hypnosis treatment for both panic attacks and anxiety attacks.
Effective treatment for post traumatic stress disorder - PTSD - with hypnosis and NLP.
Self Confidence
Do you have low self-confidence issues? Hypnosis can really help build confidence.
Self Esteem
Are you suffering from low self esteem? If so then we can help you.
Social Phobia
Overcome social phobia and social anxiety quickly and easily.
Wedding Nerves
Banish wedding nerves and feel wonderful on your wedding day.
The Compulsions Index Page
Hypnosis and NLP can be very effective in dealing with any form of compulsion, including even extreme obsessive compulsive disorder and body dysmorphic dysfunction.
We treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - without drugs.
NLP and hypnosis to help with body dysmorphic dysfunction.
Compulsive Lying
Stop compulsive lying and learn to relax and be truthful.
Biting your Nails - Nailbiting
Usually, stopping people from biting their nails takes just one session.
Compulsive Gambling
Put an end to compulsive, or 'problem' gambling for good.
Effective treatments for obsessive compulsive disorder.
Compulsive Shopping
Stop overspending and compulsive shopping.
The Drug Addictions Index Page
Hypnosis and NLP to help you to stop using cocaine, or smoking cannabis or just cigarettes. We can also help you to deal with your addiction to caffeine or your chocolate addiction.
Stop smoking cannabis. Hypnosis to quit cannabis.
Stop being a chocoholic! Hypnosis and NLP work quickly with this.
Stop using cocaine. Our techniques will eliminate this habit for you.
Avoid adrenal burnout and get your coffee drinking under control.
Smoking - Cigarettes
Stop smoking cigarettes. Hypnosis is the best way to quit smoking.
Eating Disorders And Weight Control Index
This page will take you to more information about how hypnosis and NLP can help you to overcome anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. There is also information on weight control.
Anorexia Nervosa
Get rid of the potentially life threatening illness of anorexia nervosa with our help.
Binge Eating
Learn to eat slowly and enjoy a new relationship with healthy food.
Bulimia Nervosa
Overcome bulimia with our help. We have a proven track record with this.
Weight Control
Diets don't usually work with weight control. NLP and hypnosis usually does.
Fear And Phobia Index Page
There are literally thousands of phobias and the NLP fast phobia cure and related techniques are fantastically effective.
Phobia Fear Treatment
General information on curing phobias.
'You should get out more'. We know agoraphobia is no laughing matter.
It's a nasty phobia is this, as birds are pretty much everywhere.
Get rid of your fear of cats (it's more common than you might think).
NLP and hypnosis help for you to overcome claustrophobia.
Crossing Bridges
Let us help you 'get over' the fear of crossing bridges.
Resolve the fear of going to the dentist - for your own good.
Feel comfortable being outside again and let us cure your dog phobia.
The phobia of driving limits people. So let us help you to overcome it.
The phobia of flying is commonplace and is often quick to cure.
The phobia of hospitals could one day be life-threatening, so let us help you now.
Needles - Injections
Overcome your fear or phobia of needles and injections.
Public Speaking
The phobia of public speaking is something we deal with regularly.
Overcome this fear, it is treatable - all fears are treatable.
Let us help you to cure your phobia of spiders.
Vomiting - Emetophobia
Cure the phobia of being sick (or others being sick).
The Physical Problems Index Page
This index page leads you to more about hypnosis and NLP for dizziness, pain relief, irritable bowel syndrome, excessive sweating and pain control and pain relief
Bruxism - Teeth Grinding
Unconscious teeth grinding dealt with using hypnosis.
We train you to be more balanced and centred, mentally and emotionally.
Excessive Sweating
Hypnosis and NLP to cure excessive sweating.
IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms can be eased away with hypnosis.
Pain Relief
Get effective pain relief help by contacting us now.
The Sexual Problems Index Page
Hypnosis and NLP are often very effective dealing with both male and female sexual problems.
We will work with you to cure your anorgasmia problems.
Delayed Ejaculation
Hypnosis can provide the cure for delayed ejaculation.
ED - Erectile Dysfucntion
Help for erectile dysfunction.
Pornography Addiction
As someone once said 'Get offline and on life'.
PE -Premature Ejaculation
Hypnosis and NLP to prevent premature ejaculation.
Other Problems Index Page
Hypnosis help for you to stop being angry, get over bereavement problems, to stop excessive or binge drinking, being jealous or being depressed.
Anger Management
Not so much 'anger management', more 'calmness training'.
Sensitive and effective help to get over the loss of a loved one.
Binge Drinking
Help for you to stop binge drinking.
Concentration and Memory
Hypnosis and NLP to enhance concentration.
Help for you to stop being depressed.
Help for you to put an end to the problems of insomnia.
Stop being jealous. Put a stop to jealousy with NLP and hypnosis.
Hypnosis to have pleasant dreams, and a good night's sleep.