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BDD – Help and Treatment

NLP & hypnosis can help you with body dysmorphic dysfunction

Do you have a problem with how you see your body? Does it make you unhappy and stay on your mind all the time? Have you stopped wanting to leave your house because you feel ugly? If so, we can help. Body dysmorphic dysfunction can be helped quite a bit by NLP and hypnosis, and they can be exactly what you have been looking for. We are trained professionals located in Vancouver as well as Toronto who know what you are going through. Help for body dysmorphic dysfunction is waiting here for you! 

Are you suffering from BDD?

There aren't too many people in this world that do not care for something about their body. Most of them would certainly change the things they didn't like if they were ever given the chance. In today's society, we are faced with many seemingly “perfect” bodies in the media, and we cannot help but compare ourselves to them. Most of us are quite critical of our body when we compare it to that of a model or a celebrity. However, we don't allow this desire to keep them from enjoying our lives.

BDD can be remedied with the right kind of help

Sadly, there are some people who are so critical of their bodies that they do allow what they consider to be an imperfect body affect every area of their life. They think about their body until they have turned the thoughts into a habit that remains in their mind as a pattern, which causes much negativity. When this happens, the person is said to have body dysmorphic dysfunction, or BDD. These people suffer and feel much pain from their intense belief that their body is has a defect and is ugly. Luckily, this problem can be remedied with help for body dysmorphic dysfunction. 

Just what is body dysmorphic dysfunction?

BDD can be quite a negative and harmful way to live. Sufferers typically have fairly high levels of fear, anxiety, and they also hide themselves away from the rest of the world. Here are some of the more common symptoms for someone who has BDD.

  • You are always anxious and suffer from imagined body defects
  • You are always intensely worried about your hair or your facial feature
  • You push for plastic surgery to correct your imagined defects
  • Once you have surgery, your BDD symptoms will often get even worse
  • You can't concentrate very well, even if you are just doing something that is easy
  • You have a hard time making new friends and also maintaining lasting friendships
  • You are always afraid someone will laugh at your appearance when you are in a public place, or out somewhere socially

If someone has BDD, they could have all of these symptoms or just a few – or perhaps just one! This can be different, depending on the person that is affected. There also seem to be two categories of BDD. With the first category, something about your body seems a very noticeable defect to you, and yet other people do not even think it is worth mentioning. With the second category, no one can see the part of your body that you dislike except for you. This is called an imaginary defect.

BDD can be totally 'real' to the sufferer

When someone has BDD, that defect they see is quite real to them, and it does not help them at all for people to try to reassure them, and tell them their “problem” is not bad. This is not a good idea for two reasons. First of all, they don't believe the friends or relatives that tell them these things, and second, this will even make the BDD sufferer worse.

Will NLP and Hypnosis help my BDD?

NLP and hypnosis work very well to treat BDD. Your patterns of thought are able to be changed with these techniques. No one tries to make you believe you are wrong. Instead, you are taught new thought patterns of thought that stop your pain and suffering, and help you to realize how the way you think about your body has affected your life. NLP works with the conscious part of your mind, getting rid of the old thought patterns and helping you to replace them with the new patterns that show what it is like to think in a positive manner. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind to "record" the NLP teachings and make sure they find a home there in your inner mind, where they will live and help you.  

How long will the treatment for BDD take?

Most people who suffer from BDD need somewhere in the neighbourhood of three or four one hour sessions. You should feel some relief from the very first session as the practitioner works with you to help you accomplish a full recovery. You don't have to wait another day to get help with your suffering and pain from your BDD. Our experienced and professional team of NLP and hypnosis practitioners in Vancouver and Toronto are ready and waiting to help you to rid yourself of BDD and live the life you were meant to have!