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Stop compulsive Lying

Help With Compulsive Lying By Using NLP and Hypnosis

Do you have a problem and need help with compulsive lying? Are you tired of living with this compulsion, damaging your relationships with your family and friends, and perhaps even your ability to hold on to a job? You need the power of NLP and hypnosis to help with compulsive lying. We have professional hypnotherapists and NLP trainers in both Toronto and Vancouver who will be happy to work with you and help you to stop lying.  

Compulsive lying can take over your life

It's common knowledge that most people lie every once in a while. Help with compulsive lying seems quite foreign to them, for they do not feel they have a problem. Usually, these are called “white lies” because we mean no real harm when we tell them. Then, you have the people who suffer from compulsive lying. They have no idea why they do it, but they go through life lying about everything in a totally out of control fashion. At times, they even get caught up in their own lies, and believe that the tall tails they like to relate really did happen. These people really need help to stop compulsive lying.

Why Do People Lie Compulsively?

We don't really know exactly why some people have a problem and need help with compulsive lying, and other people do not. We can say is that this is quite a destructive problem, and we also can list the most common reasons that people lie.

  • They are afraid that the truth will somehow hurt them, or may hurt others
  • They are constantly fearful, which has caused their lying to become a habit that they have deemed necessary
  • They are attempting to fashion their behavior after someone close to them who also lies compulsively
  • They actually enjoy lying, and would not enjoy telling the truth about certain subjects
  • They have found that telling lies will enable them to get things that they want when telling the truth will not
  • They are covering a lie they told previously by telling another lie

The habit of compulsive lying

No matter why a person lies, or how they began this habit, compulsive lying is just that – a habit, a pattern of behaviour that will end up being quite harmful to you in your dealings with people until you turn things around by getting help with compulsive lying. You tell a lie about something because it makes you feel important, or just plain makes you feel good. But later on, you begin to feel rather guilty about that lie, and you are also afraid that someone is going to discover that you lied instead of telling the truth! The only way you can get around this is to lie yet again to cover the last lie you told. This can go on and on until you figuratively back yourself into a corner. It is rather a vicious circle ... lie, guilt, fear – lie, guilt, fear .... repeated over and over. Lying is a habit that turns out to be a very powerful theme of your life unless you get help to stop this compulsive lying.

Can NLP and hypnosis help me to kick the habit of compulsive lying?

Since NLP and hypnosis work together in tandem to change your thinking and behavior patterns on both a conscious level and an unconscious level. Help on the conscious level consists of changing the way you think quite deliberately so that the habits that have gone along with this thinking before also change. Help on an unconscious level consists of altering how your brain/mind works on a very deep inner level. You can change your habits, no matter how bad they may be, by calling forth the deep inner workings of your mind.

How long is treatment going to take for me?

The average treatment time for compulsive lying is around two or three sessions that will last for about an hour each. This can vary according to the individual. We get results faster than you might think because using NLP and hypnosis together is doubly effective in retraining your brain in such a way that it allows you to form new habits and thought patterns that are quite positive.

NLP and Hypnosis in Canada

Compulsive lying is easily dealt with by using our methods. Don't continue to suffer from this habit when you don't have to! If you need help with compulsive lying, we invite you to give NLP and hypnosis a try! Our team of professional therapists is awaiting your call in both our Vancouver and our Toronto locations.