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Stop biting your nails - nailbiting cured

Using NLP and Hypnosis to Help Stop Compulsive Nail Biting

Are you a compulsive nail biter who just can't seem to stop, no matter what you try, or no matter what other people have helpfully suggested to you in order to help you to stop? You almost feel like giving up, except you would really like to stop this habit. If you need help with compulsive nail biting, give NLP and hypnosis a try! Our team of professional therapists are waiting for your call in both Vancouver and Toronto.

You can break the habit of compulsive nail biting

Nail biting seems like a trivial problem to those who do not suffer with it on a daily basis. They seem to think solving this problem is quite simple - “Just keep your fingers out of your mouth!” Alas, for the compulsive nail biter, things are not quite that easy. It is a very destructive and very addictive habit. Research has shown that almost 50 percent of all the people in the world who are under the age of 18 have the habit of nail biting, and could use some help to stop biting their nail s ...

The habit continues as the years pass

Around 25 percent of these people who need help with compulsive nail biting are 18 to 22 years of age continue the habit as they get older. Over time, this habit will usually make you self conscious and unhappy with yourself, but you do not have to suffer from it any longer. Once you get help with compulsive nail biting by taking advantage of NLP and hypnosis, these tools can take the compulsion to bite your nails away, and it won't return!

Why compulsive nail biting happens

Most of the time, people who bite their nails compulsively have no real idea that they are doing it. They are very much unconscious that such a thing is even going on! Of course, they are able to see that their nails are damaged and bitten off to the quick, and are usually pretty embarrassed about how their hands look with those super-short fingernails. They seem to forget all of that when the urge to bite their nails comes upon them. Help with compulsive nail biting could make a world of difference in their lives!     

Will power doesn't work

Many have tried to stop nailbiting by calling upon their will power or placing a bad tasting substance on their fingernails, but this doesn't work for very long – if at all. This is commonly done without much success in the case of small children who have a problem habit of nail biting, but it works no better for a child than it does for an adult.

What are the signs of compulsive nail biting?

There are several symptoms and signs of compulsive nail biting, which include -

  • Fingertips that are red and sore
  • Bleeding cuticles
  • Fingernails that are misshapen
  • Frequent infections in both the mouth and around the nails
  • Tooth and gum problems

Though nail biting does indeed have a physical impact on the body, as seen in the list above, it also has quite an emotional impact on your life. It is quite common to feel guilty or even ashamed whenever you look down at your hands and are reminded of your habit, even though it is definitely an unconscious behavior.

Will NLP and hypnosis help me to stop biting my nails so much?

Yes, it is likely to help you stop biting your nails for good. It is very fortunate that NLP and hypnosis are able to help with compulsive nail biting and stop it quickly and completely. NLP works with your conscious mind to change the patterns of behavior that are contributing to your habit of compulsive nail biting. Hypnosis targets your unconscious mind and helps you to wipe clean the negativity that is another cause of compulsive nail biting.

How long will this treatment take?

Since NLP and hypnosis work so well together to help stop nail biting, usually we are able to resolve this problem in one or two sessions. The right help and guidance is crucial in helping you to stop your compulsive nail biting. If you need help with compulsive nail biting, you should definitely give NLP and hypnosis a try! We have a team of professional therapists, and they are waiting for your call in both Vancouver and Toronto.