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Help To Stop Compulsive Shopping and Over-Spending

Your Compulsive Shopping And Overspending Days Can Be Over With NLP And Hypnosis

Your troubles with compulsive shopping and overspending can be but a memory when you take advantage of the power in NLP and hypnosis. NLP and hypnosis are just what you have been needing to help with compulsive shopping and overspending. Our trained professional hypnotherapists and NLP trainers are based in both Toronto and Vancouver for your convenience. Help with compulsive shopping problems is possible!

When “shop till you drop” is a daily occurrence

Almost everyone enjoys going shopping and spending money to a certain extent, but some people carry things a little too far. For them, shopping becomes a compulsion. They are absolutely addicted to the “high” feeling that they get when they shop and spend money. In fact, they are so addicted to this feeling that they spend money that they cannot afford to spend. This is where therapy help for compulsive shopping and overspending can really make a difference.

Bargains, bargains everywhere for the compulsive shopper

There is just no way that they can pass up the chance to go to a store and buy something, even though they may have totally blown their budget for the week, the month, or even the year. One of their greatest thrills is getting what they think is a “bargain”, although what they call a bargain may not seem like one to the average shopper. Obsessive compulsive shopping and overspending can lead to many different problems in their life. Help for compulsive shopping can help a person like this see exactly what they are doing to themselves.  

Why Do People Enjoy Compulsively Shopping and Overspending?

Studies have shown that in most cases, compulsive shopping and overspending get their start because the shopper was suffering from a case of depression, anger, anxiety, boredom, or fear. Whatever emotion is bothering them, they have a bad feeling from the experience. Since they feel down, they go shopping, and discover that buying things makes them feel better. It turns into an escape, a way for them to escape the problems and issues in their life. Since shopping improves their mood – indeed, their whole outlook on life, they want to continue to do it as often as possible to continue the happy feelings. The big problem with this cozy little setup is that in order to keep those happy feelings coming and continue on the same level of satisfaction, they will have to keep on increasing the amount of money they are spending, and the time they spend at the mall or other stores doing the shopping.

That habitual shopping pattern

This is an excellent question, because simply resolving the compulsion to shop and overspend may not take care of the underlying feelings that your behaviour was attempting to soothe or cover up.  We often find other issues related to anxiety and depression, which NLP and hypnosis can also effectively treat.

Will NLP and hypnosis help me?

NLP and hypnosis can eliminate the problems of obsessive and compulsive shopping and overspending. These two techniques help with compulsive shopping because they target both the subconscious and the conscious mind, and allow you to re pattern them so that your bad habit is broken and replaced with productive behaviors that will affect you in a positive way. All you need is a bit of training for your mind to get over your shopping and spending compulsions.

How long will this treatment take for me?

The treatment plan for compulsive shopping and overspending works fairly rapidly for most people. Since NLP and hypnosis work together so well, most of our clients are completely cured in just two or three sessions lasting one hour. Occasionally, one treatment does the trick! If you have decided that you need help with compulsive shopping and overspending, look no further than NLP and hypnosis for your cure! Remember, our team of professional therapists are waiting for you to call in both Vancouver and Toronto.