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Help for compulsive gambling

Take Care of Compulsive Gambling By Using NLP and Hypnosis

Are you a compulsive gambler who has decided that it's time for a change? Time to stop spending your time and money on your preoccupation with gambling? NLP and hypnosis can help you to relegate gambling from your life, and and we are trained professional hypnotherapists and NLP trainers based in both Toronto and Vancouver that can give you help with compulsive gambling.     

Is Your Gambling Habit Out of Control?

You really enjoy gambling, but recently it seems like your gambling behaviour has just become out of control. You realize that you need help with compulsive gambling. It's obvious to you, and has been for some time now that gambling is affecting each and every section of your life in a way that is definitely not positive, but destructive. This syndrome has been called compulsive gambling by some people, while others have dubbed it “problem gambling”. This term is used to describe what a person whose gambling has begun to have consequences that are unpleasant in description. Those who have suffered with it will tell you that this is quite a difficult compulsion to live with day by day. Fortunately, it is a compulsion that can definitely be helped with the use of NLP and hypnosis.

Problem Gambling Uncovered

If you are caught up in compulsive gambling, you have a serious habit, one that is causing you to take a risk with your finances, your dealings with family and friends, and also with whatever else is important to you, as it affects your whole life. Help with compulsive gambling can give you your life back. A lot of the time, people who are problem gamblers seem to be constantly seeking some form of action and adventure, as they seem to get bored fairly easily. Since gambling can be exciting, and is certainly action packed, it isn't really surprising that these people find gambling such an engrossing and attractive activity.

Symptoms of compulsive gambling

Most of the people who are caught up in the compulsive gambling lifestyle will show the same behaviors and symptoms, which point to the fact that they have a problem and need help with compulsive gambling.

  • They think about gambling constantly
  • When they lose money gambling, they attempt to get it back by gambling all the more (this is called chasing your losses)
  • In order to keep things exciting, they find they need to bet more frequently and also bet more money than they did when they first started gambling
  • Find that they are lying to their family and friends in an attempt to hide just how much they are gambling
  • Realize that they have resorted to theft, fraud, or some other illegal act in order to get money to gamble with
  • They have asked other people to give them money to gamble with
  • Noticed that they have started to use gambling as a way to improve a bad mood, and also as a way to escape from the problems of life
  • Whenever they attempt to cut back on gambling a little, they find that they are extremely restless and quite irritable, too
  • They can tell what gambling is doing to their relationships with other people, their job, and other opportunities of life that have come along, but nothing else is quite as important to them as gambling, and they just can't stop.    

From entertainment to compulsive problem

Those who have a gambling problem never expected things to end up like this. They can well remember the first time they went to a casino or the racetrack, or played cards for money with friends. At that time, it was just something to do for fun – for entertainment. Never in their wildest dreams did they think that this seemingly innocent pastime would turn into a compulsive problem in their lives. But it did. And now, something must be done about it. They known that they need help with compulsive gambling in order to curb this negative behavior.

Will NLP and hypnosis help me with my gambling habit?

Gambling has turned into an unconscious behavior for you. You can simply walk past a betting location and hear the slot machines, or for that matter, just think about gambling, and away you go! Willpower does no good. That is because your unconscious mind has the gambling compulsion “etched” into it. In order to cure this behavior, you must “reprogram” your unconscious mind so that it will not trigger the unwanted gambling urges any more. Hypnosis can do this for you, while NLP deals with your conscious mind, teaching you how to make proper decisions about your behavior and your habits. When these two techniques are used together to help with compulsive gambling, the results can be astonishing!

How long will treatment for compulsive gambling take?

This depends on the extent of your problem gambling and your individual circumstances.  However, in most cases your problem gambling can be cured in as few as two to four one-hour sessions.  Many people even start seeing some significant improvements after just a single session. 

How Long Will Treatment Take?

A lot depends on just how serious your problem gambling has become, plus the fact that every individual is different. However, most of the time we can help with compulsive gambling in two to four sessions, each lasting about an hour. Some people can begin to see improvements after just one session! If you need help with compulsive gambling, give NLP and hypnosis a try! Our team of professional therapists are waiting for your call, and are ready to help with compulsive gambling in both Vancouver and Toronto.