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Cure for OCD

NLP And Hypnosis Can Cure OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Would you like to be able to free yourself of obsessive compulsive disorder, so that you can live your life without having to act on the same compulsions over and over again? NLP and hypnosis are well know for being a proven way to rid yourself of this disorder. You should try a session or two with our trained professional hypnotherapists and NLP trainers that are based in both Toronto and in Vancouver. A cure for OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder is just a phone call away!

Runaway thoughts and actions with OCD

It's a proven fact that a person can have obsessive compulsive disorder, also known as OCD, in more than one form. Even though this compulsion can present itself in more than one way, each different form has something in common, which is the fact that OCD is a certain repetitive pattern of thought that will make you want to repeat a task over and over again. These thought patterns are known to create feelings that always will lead to the different behaviors common with OCD that can and do create many problems for the person who suffers from this disorder and needs help with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Thought patterns are at the root of OCD

If you are a person with obsessive compulsive disorder, or if you are reading this to learn more about what can be done for a loved one or friend, you probably don't need or want to see a list of all the different ways that OCD can pop up in daily life. You have seen the results for yourself, probably too many times to count. Getting help with obsessive compulsive disorder can relieve you of these patterns.

This is a part of life for the OCD sufferer, and it's one of those things that seems to be totally beyond your control. The real truth of the matter may surprise you, and should give you hope as well. Obsessive compulsive disorder is based entirely on a pattern of thinking that you picked up and committed to memory somewhere along life's path. Since it was learned by you at a point in life, you can also unlearn and then relearn something else.   

What are the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder?

These are just some of the typical symptoms of OCD. They include -

  • Thoughts that just won't go away, are unwelcome, and seem to be out of control
  • A very real and commanding need to take part in a certain activity or routine, and do it over and over again
  • A very strong recognition of germs and dirt and sickness, even when none of these are around, and frequent hand washing, even when it isn't needed
  • Anxiety and doubt which prompts you to check and double check things repeatedly

For a lot of people, a symptom is the unwelcome, “bad” thoughts that will not give them a break, and always seem to be in their head. Then, you have the symptom of constant worry that plagues some OCD sufferers, while others seem to have to be constantly moving in a physical sense, such as jiggling a foot, blinking their eyes, or some other such movement. No matter how OCD shows itself in a person who needs help with obsessive compulsive disorder, the use of NLP and hypnosis can change the thought patterns that are known to cause this kind of behavior.

Will NLP and hypnosis really cure my OCD?

NLP and hypnosis will help with obsessive compulsive disorder by retraining your mind and teaching you how to change not only the way you think, but how your imagination works as well. You will learn to think positive thoughts instead of obsessive ones, and they will make your life more productive instead of being stuck in a cycle of OCD. NLP will retrain your subconscious mind, while hypnosis works with your conscious mind.

How long will this treatment take?

Most people are treated successfully in as few as three or four one-hour sessions.  Your individual needs may vary, of course, but your practitioner will work with you to achieve the results you want in as few sessions as possible. 

How Long Will Treatment Take?

We have had people with OCD go through three or four one hour sessions, and be completely free of obsessive compulsive disorder. We have also seen success with fewer sessions. Occasionally, someone will need a few more sessions for the best response. All people are different, so this of course depends on the individual. If you need help with obsessive compulsive disorder, give NLP and hypnosis an honest try. Our team of professional therapists are waiting by the phones in both Vancouver and Toronto!