Conquering An Addiction to Cigarettes

You Can Stop Smoking Once and For All with NLP and Hypnosis

If you are a smoker, then you have probably tried to quit smoking several times over the years. You seriously wanted to stop this expensive habit because you realized how bad it was for your health. You did pretty well for a day or so, but then the lure of cigarette was just too strong. You missed that “Ahhh” feeling you got when you inhaled a fresh cigarette, the feeling of the cigarette between your fingers, and stopping your work to go and have a smoke break. In short, you missed just about everything about smoking and cigarettes. So, you went back to smoking – again. Help with addiction to cigarettes would have been welcome to you while you were trying to quit.

We are based in both Vancouver and Toronto and may well be able to help you to stop smoking for good.

Why an addiction to cigarettes can be difficult to conquer

The drug in cigarettes that is addictive is called nicotine. It goes straight to receptors in your brain when you smoke, and makes you feel calm, relaxed, and really good. Unfortunately, over time it takes more and more nicotine to give you this feeling, which translates into smoking more and more cigarettes. You have become dependent on nicotine. Help with addiction to cigarettes addresses this. Without the drug, you begin to go through what is called nicotine withdrawal, which is a highly unpleasant state! Mentally, you associate a cigarette with stress relief, a way of rewarding yourself, or as something to accompany relaxing. It is also difficult not to smoke whenever you are around others who are smoking, too.

Cigarettes: a powerful addiction

You know just how powerful this addiction can be, as you found out when you attempted to quit. Most people who try to quit smoking have to try several times before they are able to succeed. You must have help with addiction to cigarettes, for only a very few – around 6 % - of the people who try to quit with only their willpower as an aid will be successful. The use of a nicotine gum or patch bumps the percentage of quitters up to around 12 %. As a general rule, only around 2.5% of all smokers combined are able to quit every year.

NLP and hypnosis can help with addiction to cigarettes

You may not realize that research has proven that hypnosis is one of the most successful of all tools used by people for quitting smoking. This can mean a lot to you, for when we combine hypnosis with NLP, our success rate is truly excellent!

But will NLP and hypnosis help me?

NLP and hypnosis are wonderful tools that work with your unconscious and your subconscious, and by doing so you can overcome not only the physical but also the mental aspects of being addicted to cigarettes. These tools will help with addiction to cigarettes faster than you ever thought was possible. Those who quit smoking by using NLP and hypnosis have very few, if any, nicotine withdrawal symptoms. We aren't sure why this is so, but we have seen it happen quite a few times. We have no doubt that these two tools used together are the best way to help with addiction to cigarettes and make sure you are rid of this habit for good.

How does it work?

NLP teaches your conscious mind ways of thinking that allows it to develop different behaviors and habits that do not include/take the place of smoking. Hypnosis targets the unconscious mind and helps to take care of the reasons why you felt that you needed to smoke. Together, NLP and hypnosis are time-honored, proven ways to help with addiction to cigarettes.

How long does the treatment take?

Sometimes, an addiction to cigarettes can be taken care of in just one session, lasting about an hour. However, we feel that everyone can benefit from two or three sessions with us. This way we can take you through the entire range of techniques we have available to help with addiction to cigarettes.

Cigarette addiction is bad for your health and can destroy your life. Don’t let another day go by and please get in touch with us in Vancouver or Toronto