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Help for Anorexia Nervosa - NLP and Hypnosis

Are you suffering with anorexia nervosa? Let NLP and hypnosis release the grip that this disorder has on you and your life! The eating disorder called anorexia nervosa is one of the most serious because it not only zaps your strength and vitality, but can also lead to death. This disorder, like most of the eating disorders we see today, comes from a seed of an idea in the brain that takes root and grows into something potentially deadly. Help for anorexia nervosa is needed in order to treat it.

What happens when you have anorexia nervosa?

People who have anorexia nervosa think that they are fat. No matter how normal or slender the image in the mirror appears, it is the image in their brains that anorexics pay attention to. In order to do something about their perceived fat condition, they start a strict diet which turns into a starvation routine. No matter how much weight is lost by the anorexic, they persist in thinking they are fat, and still refuse to eat hardly anything. Help for anorexia nervosa must be done in such a way so as to not aggravate the victim. Anorexia nervosa literally means “fear of food” and this is a very good name for this disorder.

How does someone with anorexia nervosa behave?

Both men and women can have anorexia nervosa, although it seems to be more common among younger women and teen age girls. However, middle aged people have also been known to have this disorder, and need help with anorexia nervosa.

What are some of the symptoms that a person with anorexia nervosa can have?

  • They are very concerned with how much they weigh and seem to think of nothing else except their weight
  • They obsess constantly about gaining weight
  • They are very much underweight, to the point of emaciation
  • They try to fool those around them into thinking that they are eating, and choose very low calorie foods such as lettuce to try and pull this off.
  • Their low weight is not due to any medical reason, only because of their mental image of themselves.

The perils of anorexia nervosa

What is really sad about anorexia nervosa is that if you are close to someone who has this disorder, you have to sit and watch helplessly as they basically starve themselves to death. Nothing you can say to them will make them accept the fact that they are doing harm to themselves and need help with anorexia nervosa. It is also extremely difficult to get the anorexic to visit a doctor, as they honestly do not think there is anything wrong with the way they are eating and behaving. And, whenever you do manage to get the anorexic into treatment, they often return to the destructive behavior as soon as they leave the treatment facility. Their minds are so firmly fixed on anorexic principles that they can carry things much too far and die from this disorder without help for anorexia nervosa.

Getting Help for Anorexia Nervosa

NLP and hypnosis can help the anorexia nervosa victim tremendously. These forms of therapy help the individual by swapping out the destructive thought patterns of the eating disorder with more positive thoughts. These two therapy techniques work in tandem to help you break the cycle of anorexic thoughts and actions once and for all.

NLP gets right into your consciousness by teaching you how you should respond when certain activities and thoughts threaten you. Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind so that the circumstances and situations which made you lapse into anorexic behavior are “erased” from your mind. They are replaced with confident and joyful behaviors that will surface when you are faced with any situations where your fear of food might rear its head again. Help for anorexia nervosa can turn life around for these people.

Be aware that you should not attempt to substitute NLP and hypnosis for medical care from your doctor. Anorexia can take quite a toll on the body, so it is imperative that you have your doctor's supervision while you are recovering from this disorder.

How long will it take me to see results?

Anorexia's hold on the mind is quite powerful. Therefore, it can take anywhere from eight to ten hour long sessions to treat this disorder. Many people will be able to see a difference after only a few sessions. Rarely, we have someone who does not respond to treatment at all. This is not a typical result of NLP and hypnosis. If you have problems with anorexia nervosa, let our professionals in NLP and hypnosis teach you how to give up anorexia for good! We provide help for anorexia in our clinics in both Vancouver and Toronto.