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Help With Binge Eating Disorder - NLP And Hypnosis

You Can Get Help For Binge Eating From hypnosis and NLP

Are you tired of your binge eating disorder? NLP and hypnosis can help you to make it a thing of the past! It's not uncommon for many people to overeat, especially on holidays and at Christmas. They manage to stuff themselves with goodies, and then feel quite uncomfortable, all puffy and bloated. This only happens a few times a year if that often, and the only harm done may be the addition of a few extra pounds.

Out of control binge eating explained

Someone with binge eating disorder is quite different from the occasional overeater. Binge eaters get an overwhelming urge to eat enormous amounts of food whenever they are under some type of stress, but they don't enjoy it. They know they are out of control, but just can't stop eating. Once they have finished, they begin to feel very guilty and rather disgusted with themselves. These feelings don't last long, however. Before too long, they go on another food binge, and the cycle continues. These people really need help with binge eating.

An uncontrollable urge

Binge eaters seem to have a small voice inside them that is telling them to eat, eat, and then eat some more. We don't know exactly what causes them to feel this compulsion, but we do know that it has something to do with their thought processes. Eating has turned into a compulsion for these people. And, though they may try to resist it, their body is going to urge them to do it again. .    

A seemingly never ending cycle

Anytime you eat a lot of food at one time, it affects the body. Binge eaters eat a copious amount of food in one session, making their blood sugar levels rise rapidly. Once it gets to a certain point, insulin is released by the body. When the insulin levels drop, you think you are hungry yet again – and the cycle continues. Help with binge eating could end this destructive cycle.

What are the symptoms when you have binge eating disorder?

  • You have frequent bouts of of binge eating where you just can't seem to control yourself.
  • You feel guilty and are upset with yourself either while the binge is going on, or directly after it is over.
  • You make no attempt to do anything to “work off” any of the extra food you consumed by vomiting, taking laxatives, not eating anything for the next couple of days, or exercising.
  • You gain weight from your food binges.

Now of course, these are physical symptoms, and they do not seems to be related or have anything in common at all. Yet, they do – they are all caused by the thought processes that are resident in the binge eater's mind. These processes are learned responses, and they are what causes the binge eating in susceptible people. Help with binge eating can train your mind to think differently.

What can binge eating do to my body?

Many people feel that weight gain is the only thing to worry about when it comes to binge eating disorder. Believe it or not, nutrition is a factor, too. You might think that the consumption of all that food at one time would supply plenty of nutrients. The problem with that is the foods usually consumed by a binge eater are usually sweets and starches, which are not the most nutritional foods. Over time, you can become deficient in many nutrients, which can be detrimental to your health. Anyone who suffers from binge eating disorder needs to be in close contact with their doctor to keep a careful watch on their nutritional needs. Help with binge eating is crucial to maintain good health.

How can NLP and hypnosis help me?

These techniques are proven to help with binge eating disorder, and will help to put the brakes on the cycle of one food binge after another. NLP focuses on your conscious mind, while hypnosis takes care of your unconscious mind. You'll learn new patterns of thought and of behavior as well, and can draw on these instead of the destructive pattern of binge eating.

How long will the treatment take?

Of course, the exact length of treatment does depend on the individual, but generally, you will see results after only two or three one hour sessions. If you have problems with binge eating disorder, let our professional in NLP and hypnosis teach you how to give up bingeing for good! Get in touch with us today. we are based in both Toronto and Vancouver.