Fear of birds (bird phobia) cured

Your fear of birds can fly away with NLP and hypnosis

Is your fear of birds getting in the way of your enjoyment of the outdoors? NLP and hypnosis can help you before you know it!

A bird phobia can keep someone from venturing outside, as birds seem to be everywhere the moment you step out of your house and go outdoors. In fact, a bird phobia can even bother you inside your home. It is said in a biography of actress Lucille Ball that she would not allow any bird paintings or bird-printed wallpaper in her home, nor would she stay in a hotel that featured bird décor. The book also stated that Lucy would also have a negative reaction if she happened to see a bird through the window of her home.

Why are birds so scary to some people?

If you stopped to think about it, you would admit that there really are many things about birds that could be scary! Our clients with bird phobia have told us why birds frighten them, and these are the most common answers -

  • It is scary just looking at them
  • It is scary how they appear outside so suddenly
  • It is scary to be close to them
  • It is really scary when they flap their wings, and also the noise that the wings make is scary, too
  • It is scary to look at pictures or paintings of birds, or other décor such as statuary and ceramics
  • It is scary the way that birds chirp and squawk
  • It is scary to think about them pecking or landing on you, like in that Hitchcock movie The Birds
  • It is scary to think about their droppings falling on you when outside!

When someone has bird phobia, all of the above things seem very real to them, while someone who does not have bird phobia would hardly notice or think about them. That word “think” is the key, as you will see. All of these are things that NLP and hypnosis are able to help you to overcome very quickly.

How can NLP and hypnosis help cure my fear of birds?

These techniques that we use work with both your conscious and your subconscious mind to do away with the thought patterns that cause you to be afraid of birds. We will show you how you can replace those patterns with new and different ones that will insure that your automatic reaction to birds is calm and collected. You will then be able to enjoy the outdoors without being afraid of any birds you might see. Thought patterns are what caused your phobia to start with. Changing them is what makes the real difference in how you deal with thoughts of birds, and what you do when faced with a live bird.

How long does the treatment for bird phobia take?

It depends on the individual. All people are different, and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Generally, bird phobia can be treated in just one or two one hour sessions, but it could take more sessions, or fewer sessions for you.

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