Help With Your Fear of Cats

NLP and Hypnosis Can Help to Banish Your Cat Phobia

Are you having a hard time with a cat phobia? Does the mere thought of a furry, purring kitten make you shudder? NLP and hypnosis could be exactly what you need to help with your phobia of cats.

A phobia of cats is fairly common

Cats are one of the most popular of all types of household pets, living in many millions of homes world wide as a cherished and beloved companion. Some people, however, do not appreciate felines like those folks who enjoy the love and affection of cats. They have an extremely strong phobia about cats that is so serious it restricts the things they allow themselves to do, and impacts their life in a negative way.

Here a cat, there a cat, everywhere a cat ...

You may have never taken the time to think about it, but cats are everywhere! There is the potential for a cat to be in almost every place we might go. From the neighbor's cat sitting in her front window to a stray calico running down the street in front of you, there is an excellent chance of seeing multiple cats on a daily basis.         

All about your phobia of cats

A cat phobia can get started in many different ways. Some people remember a childhood scare concerning a cat, while others remember being quite traumatized by a chance meeting with a Siamese. No matter how it got started, a phobia of cats can be an extremely nerve-wracking condition that colours your relationships and friendships with others, and can just make life in general very frustrating and difficult. Getting help with a phobia of cats is one of the best things you could do for yourself. It may not seem like it, but a fear of felines is actually one of many automatic and unconscious thought patterns that you have. These thought patterns are what trigger your powerful feelings and behaviours.

How did it all get started?

You may have tried to figure out exactly when and how your phobia of cats got started. That really won't help, as what you need to do is figure out which thought processes cause you to have this problem, and then learn how you can re-train your mind to have new and different thought processes whenever you are in a situation that will involve cats and kittens. When your thought processes are different, then your automatic behaviours and responses will also change, and your phobia of cats will be a thing of the past!

NLP and hypnosis will help with your phobia of cats

The techniques of NLP and hypnosis are extremely effective at helping not only with phobia of cats, but any other kind of phobia, too. They work by addressing your conscious and your subconscious mind so they can unlock your thought processes and change them to something that is more positive and more normal. This change will allow you to also change your automatic responses to stimuli such as cats, and start triggering new behaviours that will be calmer and more centered than your old fearful and stressed-out behaviour caused from your cat phobia.

How long will these treatments take for me?

Each person who needs help with cat phobia is an individual, and therefore it is almost impossible to predict exactly how much time it will take for complete success. Generally, our clients are able to resolve their fear of cats with just one session, which lasts for one hour. Occasionally, some clients have found that a second session is extremely helpful to make sure that their cat phobia is gone for good.

NLP and hypnosis in Vancouver and Toronto

If just thinking about cats makes you nervous, we are here to help you! Our trained and professional team is made up of NLP and hypnosis practitioners who are waiting to teach you how to change your thought patterns so that you can live a happy and normal life that includes cats! Our clinics in Toronto and Vancouver are waiting for your call!