Suffering from Dental Phobia? - You Aren't Alone!

Your Dental Phobia Can Become A Thing Of The Past - NLP And Hypnosis

Are you in need of a visit to the dentist, but are allowing your dental phobia to stop you from the proper care of your teeth? NLP and hypnosis can help you!

Come along and visit us in out clinics in either Toronto or Vancouver, we are confident that we can help you to conquer these fears for good.

You would be surprised at how many people have a fear or going to the dentist. So many things go on there that strike fear in the hearts of those with this phobia. The noise of the drill alone is enough to send someone with a dental phobia out the door of the dental office's waiting area and headed home without seeing the dentist!

More about the phobia of going to the dentist

Add to that the needles and other dental tools that are used, plus the claustrophobic, out of control feeling of being in the dental chair with the dentist leaning over you, and it is rather easy to see how going to the dentist can turn into a phobia that affects the way you think and act about dentists and dental work.  

How does a dental phobia begin?

With a lot of people, a dental phobia began when they were a child, which is a time that going to a dentist can be quite scary and traumatic. Something could have happened that was very painful, such as getting several teeth pulled at once, or perhaps it was the whole atmosphere of a dentist's office at an impressionable young at that was off-putting to you.

It's a vicious circle

But, no matter how the phobia began, it can get worse and worse as time passes until you are too paranoid to even visit a dentist for regular dental care. The worst part of this is that by avoiding the dentist, your teeth are going to suffer from the neglect, and in the end will require more dental work than they would have if you'd had regular dental care to start with.

Don't even think about it unless you get help from NLP and hypnosis!

Just like with any other phobia, when you think about going to the dentist but then tell yourself there is no use, because you'd just have an attack of nerves, that makes it much more likely that you WILL have a phobic attack. It's a vicious circle – fear builds on fear – but it is a circle that NLP and hypnosis will break for you.

NLP and hypnosis will help your dental phobia

By using NLP and hypnosis, your practitioner will help you to zero in on your subconscious mind, and your conscious mind all well. You will be able to identify the automatic thought processes and behaviours that start off the response you receive whenever you are faced with or think about anything that is dental-related. Once you have identified these thought patterns, the techniques of NLP and hypnosis will be used to retrain your brain, giving you new thought patterns and behaviours that are positive instead of negative.

How long will this treatment for the fear of the dentist take for me?

In many cases, our treatment will allow you to be free of this phobia with just one or two appointments, each lasting for one hour.

NLP and hypnosis in for dental phobia - Vancouver & Toronto

Don't let the fear of going to visit the dentist keep you from having nice teeth. Let our experienced and professional team of NLP and hypnosis practitioners in Toronto and Vancouver help you to learn how to get rid of your dental phobia and enjoy good dental health from now on!