Be Free From Your Fear of Dogs

You Can Banish Your Dog Phobia Easily With NLP And Hypnosis

Is your phobia of dogs getting in the way of your life? NLP and hypnosis could be exactly what you have been needing!

Let's face it – not everyone is a dog lover. While we have people who treat their dogs like children, buying doggie clothes and furniture for them, on the other end of the spectrum we have people who are totally indifferent to dogs. You also have people who just can't stand to even hear the word “dog” mentioned – it seems to anger them somehow. And then, you have people who have an intense phobia or fear of dogs. They experience paralyzing fear and intense phobia attacks whenever they come into contact with a dog, or even when they merely think about a dog! People like this need help with their phobia of dogs, bit often aren't sure where or how to obtain it.

Just what is dog phobia?

Dogs seem to be almost everywhere we go these days. In fact, it seems like there are almost as many dogs in the world as there are people! Usually when you see them, they are walking calmly with their owners, or happily frolicking with children or other dogs. So, if you leave your home on any given day, you have plenty of chances for you to come upon one or more dogs, panic, and experience a traumatic incident which can cause you to develop a phobia of dogs. Turning and going in the opposite direction whenever you see a dog isn't going to work forever. You are going to have to address your fear and change your thought patterns in order to rid yourself of this phobia.

Why are some people afraid of dogs?

Dogs can be gentle and sweet, loyal and good-natured. But, dogs also have some annoying qualities that could certainly strike fear in the heart of a dog phobic person. These can include -

  • Loud barking, be it gruff or shrill
  • Growling ominously
  • Biting
  • Jumping up
  • Quick movements and running so that you can't always see where the dog is located
  • Big dogs that have the potential to knock you down
  • A licking dog and tries to slurp your face, legs, hands or face

If you have been in a traumatic incident that was caused by contact with a dog, these are perfectly valid reasons for you to be afraid of any dog. But, we're talking normal fear here... not out-and-out panic! When 'normal' fear of dogs turns into a phobia of dogs, your instant, automatic response when you see a dog is panic, anxiety, or some other type of phobic response that is intense and fearful for you. This is when you know you need help with your phobia of dogs.

NLP and hypnosis can help

You don't have to be able to explain how or why your phobia of dogs came about in your life. All you need to know is the automatic thought process that goes through your mind and triggers that fearful and phobic response whenever you see a dog. It is such an unconscious response that you will more than likely not even know when it happens. This is why NLP and hypnosis are able to help so quickly. These techniques work together with your conscious and your subconscious mind, and can identify the thought processes that take place when your phobia of dogs kicks in, and use that information to retrain your mind to use a different, more useful thought process. These new patterns of thought become deeply etched into your mind, becoming automatic and also unconscious, just like your fearful, phobic response. Then, these new thoughts will be triggered whenever you see a dog. There's a big difference here, though. Your new behaviours that are triggered will be calm and relaxed, not fearful and panicky.

How long will this treatment take me?

Most of our clients are able to cure their dog phobia with just one or two sessions, each one lasting for one hour.

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