Fear of driving cured

Take Your Driving Phobia And Park It Permanently

More people than you might think have a problem with driving to the point where they have developed a fear or phobia of what many people don't even have a second thought about – hopping into their car every morning and driving off to their destination. This phobia can show up in other ways, too, but the main result of it is a very deep fear of driving. 

Come and see one of us in Vancouver and Toronto, we have helped cure this kind of phobia many times.

Tell me more about driving phobia

Driving phobia can target anyone, no matter what their age is – even people that are too young to drive! You'll see how that can be so when you read the list of the most common fears that people have about driving. You will also see how a fear of driving can severely impact your life, and that of your family as well. Some people with this phobia used to be drivers, and had a traumatic experience while do so which led to them having a driving phobia. And, some people who suffer from driving phobia have never driven at all because of their fear.

Common fears about driving

  • Fearful about being in or around a car
  • “New Driver” fears about driving in general
  • Driving on roads that are not familiar
  • Driving on roads with either narrows lanes, or just one lane
  • Driving over a bridge – or under a bridge
  • Driving at night
  • Driving in inclement weather
  • The fear of having an anxiety attack while behind the wheel

The thought patterns are the key

These are fears that are all based on your automatic responses and thought patterns that are in your subconscious and your conscious mind. Over time, your brain came up with a learned response that manifests itself around cars. This learned response, or thought pattern, makes itself known with your sense of deep fear and the phobic behaviour you display. The pattern etched itself deeply into your brain, and since it is engrained there, you don't even notice when the pattern pops up. You just have a driving phobia attack.

Can NLP and hypnosis really help me with my driving phobia

With NLP and hypnosis, one of our devoted practitioners will work with you, helping you to change your present automatic response to driving from fear to a sense of calm. NLP will target your conscious mind and help you learn new and different way to come up with more positive thought processes where driving is concerned. Hypnosis will help your unconscious mind to turn your new thought processes into an automatic, learned response. These changes are for real, and will last you forever!

How long will this treatment for fear of driving take?

Your individual circumstances will have a lot do with how long these treatments will take. No two people are alike, and no two people have exactly the same response to NLP and hypnosis. Most of the time, we can resolve your driving phobia with anywhere from two to four sessions, each one lasting about an hour.

NLP and hypnosis cure for driving fears - Vancouver & Toronto

Don't let your driving phobia hold you back and keep you from doing the things that you want to do! We can help you with your phobia faster than you may have thought possible! We have an experienced and professional team of NLP and hypnosis practitioners that will teach you how to make your phobia run out of gas! We have clinics in both Toronto and Vancouver for your convenience. Call us today!