Fear of flying and flight: Hypnosis and NLP to help cure flying phobia

Banishing Fear of Flying With NLP and Hypnosis

Do you dread even the mere thought of getting on an airplane to fly? Do you need help with fear of flying? NLP and hypnosis may be just what you are looking for! We are experienced professionals based in both Toronto and Vancouver and have dealt successfully with flying phobia on very many occasions.

Is your fear of flying keeping you grounded?

If you have a phobia of flying, you aren't alone. Did you know that as many as 20% of all people in the world have one or more fears or phobias about boarding and flying in an airplane? It could be that they are afraid of just the whole idea, because they have never even been on an airplane before. Or, it could be at some point in time, they had a bad experience in an airplane and have never forgotten it, and their fear is because of that flight. Some people just develop a horrid fear of flying for no reason at all; it just appears with no warning whatsoever. No matter which one of these scenarios is closest to how you feel about flying, there is a way that you can get help with fear of flying once and for all.

What is fear of flying?

The fear, phobia of flying is simply a learned response to some situation that you have had at some point in your life. You may not remember when, but your mind developed a subconscious pattern of thought where flying was concerned. For some reason, that pattern of thought has to do with something that scares you badly, or something that you feel is dangerous. Your fear makes you think such thoughts as -

  • What if the plane crashes? What will I do?
  • But I'll have to sit so close to someone I don't even know on a plane!
  • I hate to be in a small space like an airplane and not be able to move around whenever I want to
  • What if I get motion sickness? What if I have to throw up?

How can I eliminate this fear?

This is just a tiny sampling of some of the thoughts that probably go through your head whenever someone mentions flying somewhere to you. Or, you might feel something else that is entirely different from any of these. Whatever fears you have crop up, you have more than likely tried to handle them by relaxing, doing some deep breathing, praying, or other methods. You have probably discovered, much to your chagrin, that none of these work for you. Do you know why? It is because that all of those methods, handy though they may be for other fears and phobias, work under the mistaken idea that your fear is with you constantly, and could possibly be at the forefront of your mind in the next few seconds. Wouldn't it be better if you could eliminate the fear altogether? That is what NLP and hypnosis can help you to do. They can help with fear of flying and get you off the ground quicker than you might think.

Can NLP and hypnosis really cure my flying phobia?

NLP works with you on a conscious level and helps you to change how you think about flying. This technique takes very little time, and one lesson can help your mind learn how to change those negative thought patterns. Once they are changed, the mere thought of flying will make you feel calm and positive about the whole experience instead of nervous. Hypnosis will target your subconscious mind and teach you new thought patterns that lead you to that sense of calm you will have about flying. When we work with you subconscious and make suggestions to it, your fear of flying can be cured quickly.

How long will treatment for phobia of flight take?

A lot depends on you as an individual. We have found with our clients that the combination of NLP and hypnosis can help with fear of flying in a few as two or three sessions, each lasting an hour.

Phobia of flying cured in Toronto and Vancouver

Don't spend another day allowing your fear of flying to keep you on the ground! Our team of experienced and professional NLP and hypnosis practitioners in Vancouver and Toronto can help to cure fear of flying so that you will never be burdened with it again!