Help Stop Fear of Vomiting - Emetophobia

Conquer Your Fear of Being Sick - Emetophobia

There isn't a soul in the world that enjoys being sick to their stomach. And, vomiting is something that probably everyone in the world has done, so you know it isn't very pleasant. Not for the person who is being sick, and not for anyone who may be in the area and sees what is happening. Still, most people who have to vomit do so, and then carry on with life. Not so for the person who has a fear of vomiting. If your fear of being sick to your stomach has become a phobia instead of a nuisance, it's time to get some help for fear of being sick.  

They call it emetophobia

The official word for someone who has a fear of vomiting is emetophobia, and studies have determined that it is the fifth most common phobia known to man. Now, we aren't sure if this is totally true or not, but we do have quite a few clients who have come to us for help with this problem. Quizzing them has enabled us to compile this list of some of the things that usually trigger this problem.

  • Their own vomiting
  • Seeing someone else vomit
  • Hearing someone else vomit
  • Hearing about an illness going around that includes vomiting
  • Watching a television show or a movie where someone vomits
  • A visit to the doctor
  • A visit to the dentist
  • Having to check into the hospital
  • Going to visit someone in the hospital
  • Consuming food that you have an idea might make you sick

It's hard to have a normal life with emetophobia

At first glance, this might not look like much of a phobia to most people, but having emetophobia are very hesitant about medical treatment, will not go around anyone who is sick, or just might be sick, refuse to eat in public places like restaurants, and do not eat very well because they are desperately afraid of being sick. As you might guess, all of these things can seriously impede on someone's ability to have a normal life.     

Don't try this at home

Several years ago, the recommended treatment for someone with a fear of being sick was to go to a therapist who would “Desensitize” the sufferer to photos and film of someone vomiting. This was done in the hopes of changing their automatic response to vomiting. It was a very unpleasant and very uncomfortable type of approach to try and cure emetophobia, and what's more, it did not come anywhere close to helping with the fear of being sick.

Will NLP and hypnosis really help my emetophobia problems?

Some people are completely cured after a single one-hour session, but on average most When using NLP and hypnosis, one of our dedicated practitioners can help you to get rid of those old thought patterns that cause you to have the phobic response of vomiting. NLP and hypnosis complement each other, as they work by targeting both your conscious and your subconscious mind, removing those old thought patterns and replacing them with new ones with NLP, and replacing those old automatic responses with new ones by using hypnosis. You will then have unconscious and automatic responses to your phobic triggers.

How long do these treatments take?

We have had clients who were completely and totally cured after just one session. Generally though, it takes two or three sessions for best results.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Some people are completely cured after a single one-hour session, but on average most people need two or three sessions to achieve full success.  

NLP and Hypnosis in Toronto and Vancouver

When you have to go through life with the worry of vomiting hanging over your head, it's no fun. Let out team of trained, professional team of NLP and hypnosis practitioners in Vancouver BC and Toronto ON help you with your fear of being sick, and see what if feels like to get your life back!