NLP and Hypnosis – Get Help For Your Fears And Phobias

Fears and phobias are more serious than most people think. They can be the cause of much heartbreak and many broken dreams. No matter what kind of phobia or fear you have, NLP and hypnosis can help to banish phobias and fears from your life.

General Information About Fears And Phobias

Most of the time, a person's fears and phobias happen because they had some sort of experience that was scary or that traumatized them greatly. It only takes one experience for this to happen. You pick up and learn phobias rapidly, and you can unlearn them just as quickly with the help of NLP and hypnosis, often in an hour's time.

Phobia of Public Speaking

 Almost everyone has some sort of fear about speaking in public. This is probably one of the most common of phobias in the world. No matter if you want to feel comfortable in front of a large crowd or a small, intimate one, we can help you to conquer this phobia.

Fear of Flying

We also see this fear quite a lot with our clients. It can really keep you from the  fastest way of travelling – on an airplane -  for your job or just for fun. We can help you with the fear of flying and the tension that is known to accompany it.

Phobia of Spiders

 You would be surprised at how many people are bothered by spiders large and small, some so severely it leads to a paralysing phobia. If you are one of those people, never fear! We can help you to banish it from your life.


The fear of open spaces, or agoraphobia, can be severe enough to keep people shut away in their houses, too afraid of what might happen to go outside even for a second.  Or, it can be less severe and only cause a tiny bit of fear. No matter what level of agoraphobia you  may have, we can help you to get your life back with NLP and hypnosis.

Bird Phobia

Most people hardly noticed the birds when they go outside. Those with bird phobia are terrified even at the cheerful chirping sounds they make. If this sounds like you, never fear! We can help you with your bird fear.


This is quite a common fear, as no one enjoys the thought of being caught in an enclosed space.  It can be as simple as not wanting to ride an elevator or behind a closed door. However if affects you, if claustrophobia is making you miserable, NLP and hypnosis are just the thing to help resolve your phobia.

Dental Phobia

Everyone knows someone who hates going to the dentist.  But, not many people understand someone who is so fearful of going that they neglect their own dental care. When your teeth are in bad shape and you still hesitate before visiting a dentist, it's time to get some help. We have techniques specially geared to help your dental phobia the NLP and hypnosis way.

Driving Phobia

There are several varieties of driving phobia, and NLP and hypnosis can help with them all, allowing you to release your fear and be in total control of yourself when driving.

Fear Of Being Sick

o one enjoys vomiting, especially not in front of other people. We've found this phobia normally gets started in childhood, but any age group can benefit from our techniques that will help with your fear of being sick to your stomach.

Hospitals Phobia

If just thinking about going into a hospital, whether as a patient or a visitor, makes cold chills run down your spine, then you have the common phobia that you share with many. Hospital phobia can be quite detrimental to your own health, as people with this phobia do not seek medical care unless it is an emergency. NLP and hypnosis can help with this phobia and allow you to resolve your phobia.

Needle Phobia

Everyone remembers how much they hated getting a shot as a child, but most of us outgrew this fear. Some people did not, and for them a needle is a horrifying sight. A needles phobia doesn't have a chance with NLP and hypnosis techniques helping you to overcome this phobia.

Phobia Of Bridges

You can't even go across town without having to come into contact with a bridge at some point, so folks who have a bridge phobia can look forward to a hard time getting to work or school, or anywhere they make think about going. Even if your bridge phobia is quite marked, we can help you to conquer it.

Phobia Of Cats

Most people consider a cat as a warm, purring pet. For anyone who has a phobia of cats, this small creature can bring on an avalanche of fear. We can help you to release your fear of cats and be quite agreeable to having them around you.

Phobia Of Dogs

If someone has a dog phobia, a tiny 2 pound Chihuahua can be as terrifying to them as a 200 pound Mastiff. Fortunately, NLP and hypnosis can help you get over your dog phobia very quickly.

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