Needle phobia, fear of injections

NLP And Hypnosis Can Cure Your Fear Of Needles

Is a fear of needles keeping you from getting some sort of medical care? With the help of NLP and hypnosis, you can get rid of your fear! Please feel free to call us in Vancouver or Toronto, we are here to help you.

No one enjoys getting an injection, from the smallest baby to the biggest, burliest man. And, no one one cares too much for having blood drawn at the doctor's office for testing, either. Why is this so common? The needle! Think of all of the times when it is necessary to use a needle on someone for the good of their health! You have injections for influenza, for pain, for infection, and shots for childhood diseases. Intravenous needles are used to give you fluid and medication when you are ill.

How do people with a needle phobia react at the idea of needles?

Some people just shrug and go ahead and accept the injection, or whatever, despite the brief moment of pain it causes. But when someone has a needles phobia, the fear of these injections or anything else that involves needles can petrify them momentarily. Their fear and panic is so intense that they have physical as well as mental symptoms. We've all heard of the big, macho male who faints when he is given an injection, and fainting or collapsing is quite common among those with needles phobia. Fear of needles is why many people avoid visiting a doctor at all, and they spend years neglecting their health.

More about the phobia of needles

If you have a needle phobia, you have probably been told by others who do not understand the depth of your fear to just “tough it out” or “take it like a man.” If you have tried these methods, you know that they do not work. But, do you know why? It is because those methods for getting over needle phobia do not do anything about the kind of thought patterns and automatic responses that you have whenever something happens that triggers your phobia.       

For a lasting cure, change your thoughts

The only way that you are going to get rid of your needles phobia is to change those thought patterns and automatic responses from those that are negative and scared to those that are positive and calm. You are also going to have to relate if you have any other fears or anxieties that go along with your needles phobia, such as a fear of doctor's offices, hospitals, or blood. These fears will have to be dealt with along with your fear of needles in order for your cure to be complete and lasting.

Can NLP and hypnosis help my fear of needles?

NLP and hypnosis are the greatest for finding out about and getting rid of the thought patterns and automatic responses that have been causing you to have so much of a fear of needles. They work so well because they zero in on the subconscious and the conscious mind. NLP works with the conscious mind to train it in how to learn to consciously choose a response to needles that is different from your old one. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind to etch your new behaviours deep into mind, and make them automatic and unconscious reactions. A practitioner will work with you and help you to resolve all of your fears that go along with your fear of needles.

How long does this treatment for needles phobia take?

We have found that some of our clients are able to cure their needles phobia after just one session. Since everyone is different, some people will need three of four sessions total. In any case, you may be sure that we make sure that your phobia is cured in the fewest number of sessions possible.

Cure for phobia of needles, shots, jabs or injections

Continuing to have a fear of needles may well damage your health in the years to come. Let out team of experienced and professional NLP and hypnosis practitioners to help you get rid of your phobia and safeguard your health! Contact us today! We have clinics in Toronto and in Vancouver that are waiting for your call.