Help with a Phobia of Public Speaking

NLP and Hypnosis Can Banish a Phobia of Public Speaking

Does your phobia of public speaking hold you back from doing the things you want to do? NLP and hypnosis may be exactly what you are looking for! We are experienced professional hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners with clinics in both Toronto and Vancouver and we are here to help you.

A Common Phobia

A fear or phobia of public speaking is quite common in today's world. So common, in fact, that it is one of the top reasons why people visit us for treatment. Some people find it totally impossible to stand up in front of other people and speak, even when it is just a small, informal social group. Other people do pretty well until the audience grows in size. No matter what size audience makes your phobia rear its ugly head, we can certainly help you to banish it forever.

All about the phobia of public speaking

We have found that everyone who has any type of fear or phobia about public speaking usually has a few things they feel the same way about.

  • They all feel quite anxious before the occasion where they will be speaking
  • They all become more and more aware that they are anxious as the occasion grows closer
  • They all are fearful that their fear and anxiety is going to be visible, and will ruin their speech.

Adrenaline and public speaking

There probably isn't anyone who has to speak in front of other people that isn't a little nervous before their time comes to speak. But, it is said that a tiny bit of nervousness is actually good, for it can cause one to be very alert, and enables you to speak well. What the nervousness actually does is release some adrenalin into our system. This makes us more responsive and gives us the ability to have a fast reaction to whatever may come our way. And, this is a good way to be when speaking in public, because you never know just what might happen during your speech! Your microphone may go out, you might mix up or drop your notes, or you could even have a heckler in the audience.

Deja vu and public speaking

But anyone who has a phobia of public speaking is not able to take advantage of that bit of adrenaline like the person who is just a little nervous. Instead of their anxiety making them alert, it starts up a vicious circle where they feel fear along with the anxiety, and then began to fear the fear itself! This is quite common in a person with a phobia of public speaking who has had this experience before. They remember their last speech and expect everything that they felt then to happen again.

Can NLP and hypnosis help me with my phobia of public speaking?

NLP helps by targeting your phobia of public speaking, and how your mind thinks about it. Our clinics work on changing your thought pattern of fear to a pattern that is calm and productive in nature. Hypnosis deals with your subconscious mind, going deep into your inner resources and helping your mind deal with and accept these positive changes. You can learn to get rid of your phobia, just as you learned to have it!

How long will this treatment take me?

Most people need between two and four hypnosis/NLP sessions, but we have had some who have been cured of their phobia or fear of public speaking in just one session. A dedicated practitioner in Vancouver or Toronto will work with you until you achieve the results that you want in the fewest sessions possible.