Fear of spiders

NLP and Hypnosis Can Help Get Rid of Arachnophobia

Are you an arachnophobia sufferer? Or rather, does the sight of a spider strike fear into your heart? NLP and hypnosis may be just the thing you need for your phobia of spiders!

We have clinics in both Vancouver and Toronto, and have totally resolved the phobia of spiders on many occasions.

What Is Arachnophobia?

Arachnophobia is a long, tongue-twister of a name that actually means something very simple. You have a horrendous fear of spiders. There are many millions of people who also have this fear. Some of them are able to manage fairly well with their fear, and are able to go ahead and live life without very many problems. Others are absolutely frozen with fear to the point where it makes it quite difficult for them to live a normal life. It doesn't matter if you are just a little afraid of spiders, or a lot afraid of spiders, we can resolve your phobia of spiders in a short time.

Things You Should Know About Arachnophobia

That fear you have of spiders had to develop at some point in time during your life. It is probably because of something that happened to you when you saw a spider and were fearful. No matter whether you truly were at risk from the spider or not, because your mind believed that you were and created a thought pattern that sets off a fear response any time a spider is close by. There is nothing you can do about it, as it is an unconscious and automatic response. It has nothing to do with how courageous you are – or are not!

Some methods for dealing with phobia of spiders do not work well

For quite some time, the best method for dealing with a phobia of spiders was considered to be sitting the person down and exposing them to as many spiders as possible. They had different ways of doing this, too. At times, spiders were brought in just a few at a time, taken out quickly, and then brought back in for a longer period each time. Other times, they brought in a lot of spiders all at once and then subjected the person to them all at once. This was an extremely traumatic and uncomfortable method for the person with the phobia. Another method for trying to get rid of someone's phobia of spiders was to sit down with a therapist and spend a lot of time talking about your past so that the source of your spider fear could be figured out. The problem with all of these methods, including the fact that they were very time consuming , was that they often simply did not work! When they did work it was only after a long and arduous 'struggle'.

How can NLP and hypnosis help me with my phobia of spiders?

NLP and hypnosis are very different from the methods of getting rid of fears and phobias that were discussed above. They do not attempt to desensitize you to the object or place or thing you are afraid of, and they will never make you feel uncomfortable or anxious in any way. Instead, we use NLP and hypnosis to confront your issues as they are on the day you visit our clinic. We deal with your thought patterns and automatic behaviours on both a conscious and a subconscious level, and analyze how they both create the phobia of spiders that you are eager to shed.

Automatic patterns take over and phobias seem to slip away

Once we interrupt your thought patterns on both levels, your brain can then re-learn a new and different behaviour when it comes to spiders. Instead of being afraid and panicky, you will feel calm and very much in control of yourself. Your new reaction will very quickly become an automatic pattern for you, which means that your mind will have this same reaction unconsciously every time you see a spider from now on.

How long will treatment for the fear of spiders take?

We have found that most of our clients only need one session lasting for one hour to totally and completely be cured of their phobia of spiders. Every one in a while, a client will come along that needs two sessions to make their phobia go completely away.

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You can bid your spider phobia goodbye one you have been to our clinic! Our trained and professional team of NLP and hypnosis practitioners are experienced with phobias of every description, and can teach you how to replace your phobia with a calm and mellow, self-controlled pattern of thought. Don't wait! Visit us today! We have clinics in Toronto and Vancouver for your convenience.