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Stop Teeth-Grinding  - Bruxism

Using NLP and Hypnosis To Help You With Bruxism

How would you like to be free of bruxism, or teeth grinding? This is a problem that can cost you a great deal in dental fees over time, as it can make your teeth quite painful. NLP and hypnosis can be the key to getting rid of bruxism, and making sure your smile stays sunny and bright!

Please do get in touch with us as either our Toronto or Vancouver can help you to stop grinding your teeth.

I have what?

When you say the word “bruxism”, don't be surprised if not too many people know what you are talking about. Most of us simply call this widespread problem “grinding my teeth.” That is, if we know that we actually have this most unpleasant problem. Many people are totally unaware that they clench and grind their teeth, and are surprised when they find out they have this problem. They have a difficult time telling you when they started out grinding their teeth, as they developed this condition unbeknownst to them. Teeth grinding may not sound like something to worry about, but it can wear down the teeth badly and cause them to deteriorate and break.

How bruxism develops

There are many different feelings and emotions that can cause someone to develop bruxism. Anger, anxiety, frustration, pain, and stress in your life can all bring on a spate of teeth grinding because they can bring on patterns of thought in you subconscious mind that cause you to grind your teeth. Unless their dentist mentions it to them, or they notice some of the symptoms commonly seen with teeth grinding, most people really don't know that it is going on.

Signs and symptoms of teeth grinding

  • Grinding or clenching the teeth while asleep, which makes a clicking noise
  • Teeth are worn down from the grinding
  • The enamel of the teeth is damaged or gone
  • Jaw pain, and/or a click when the jaws are open wide
  • Muscle tension in the face and jaw
  • Frequent earaches caused by this muscle tension
  • Headaches that your usual pain reliever does not help at all

It's a good idea for you to see your dentist to find out for sure if teeth grinding is your problem, as some of its symptoms are like those of other medical problems.

NLP and hypnosis to the rescue

Teeth grinding can happen at any time of day or night, no matter what you are doing. But, you can bring this problem to a halt by using a technique that will change your thought and behaviour patterns. Your mind can be retrained and these patterns “erased”and replaced with new ones with the help of NLP and hypnosis.

But will NLP and hypnosis help me with my bruxism

These techniques target both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Hypnosis goes for the subconscious, and changes the thought patterns and feelings about bruxism, and can also help lower the stress that could very well be one of the reasons why you grind your teeth. NLP works with the conscious mind, and helps you to learn how to consciously choose to think in a different way. The combination of NLP and hypnosis will give you results that you can see, faster then you may have thought possible!

How long will I have to have treatment for bruxism?

Over time, we have seen that most of our clients can rid themselves of this problem in just one or two sessions of about an hour each. Depending on each person's own differences, some will need one or two more sessions. Every once in a while, we do have a client that for some reason does not respond to the treatment.

NLP and Hypnosis in Toronto and Vancouver to treat bruxism

If you have a problem with bruxism, chances are we can help you bring it to a halt.  Our trained and professional NLP and hypnosis practitioners can teach you exactly how to re-pattern your thoughts to eliminate teeth grinding!