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Help For Excessive Sweating Problems

NLP and Hypnosis To Stop Excessive Sweating - Hyperhidrosis

Many people would give just anything to be free of excessive sweating problems, and maybe you would, too. Now, you can! NLP and hypnosis can help you get rid of the embarrassment you feel when you break out into a sweat that seems to go on and on. We are trained professional hypnotherapists and NLP trainers, and are based in both Toronto and Vancouver.

Sweating is a natural human occurrence

All human beings sweat. It's a natural and quite vital occurrence. Our bodies were made to do this so that our temperature can be controlled and regulated, sort of like having a built-in thermostat! But, there are some people who are troubled with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating problems, and they have to live with the embarrassment and inconvenience no matter where they are, or what they are doing.

Symptoms of excessive sweating problems

  • Heavy and much-too-frequent sweating that makes normal daily activities difficult
  • Heavy, frequent sweating that starts up with stress, emotional feelings and situations, and stress
  • Excessive sweating on the feet, the hands, and in the armpits or even all over the body
  • Sweating can start up for no apparent reason

Being embarrassed of anxious only makes hyperhidrosis worse

When someone suffers with hyperhidrosis, studies have shown that one of the quickest ways for their excessive sweating problems to get worse is for them to dwell on all of the stress, anxiety, and especially the embarrassment that they feel when their sweating starts up. Thinking like this will only make a person even more anxious and stressed out, which will lead to even more excessive sweating.

How NLP and hypnosis help to stop excessive sweating problems

The best thing to do in order to eliminate the problem of excessive sweating is to break the subconscious thought patterns that to create the problem. The way someone thinks about their excess sweating, and the way this problem makes them feel are information that is vital for us to have so that we can address the problem with the techniques of NLP and hypnosis. We will work with both your conscious and your subconscious mind so that you will be able to identify the automatic thought patterns that lead to your sweating problem. Once this has been accomplished, we will teach you the best ways for you lose your old thought patterns, and re-pattern your thoughts in order to create new responses and behaviours for yourself.

Will NLP and hypnosis really help my excessive sweating?

We have seen NLP and hypnosis help many people who suffered from excessive sweating problems. They were thrilled with how easy it was for them to retrain their minds and use new thought patterns. We are sure it will be the same for you.

How long do these treatments for hyperhidrosis take?

It really depends on the individual, but it is safe to say that you will probably be like most of our clients, and will be able to rid yourself of excessive sweating problems in just two or three one hour sessions.

NLP and Hypnosis to stop excessive sweating

Don't spend another day living in embarrassment because of your excessive sweating. Let our trained NLP and hypnosis practitioners help you to solve your sweating problem and break the sweating cycle today! Our trained practitioners are waiting for your call in both Toronto and Vancouver.