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Using NLP and Hypnosis to Help Physical Problems

There are many physical problems that can be help by using NLP and hypnosis. It is simple to see why if you think about it – most physical problems are  linked in part to how your mind and your imagination work. If these two are working against you, then that is when physical problems will show up, but if you learn how to persuade your mind and imagination to work for you, the results can be astonishing. We can eliminate quite a few physical problems. Below is a short list for you to peruse for information purposes.

Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

The proper name for teeth grinding is bruxism, and it can damage your teeth tremendously as well as make your jaws ache. Cracked and broken teeth along with worn dental enamel are just a couple of the things bruxism will do for you. Dentists have a tendency to prescribe mouth guards to wear while sleeping, but these are uncomfortable, and at best are just a temporary fix. A much more permanent solution to teeth grinding is our NLP and hypnosis techniques.

Dizziness Problems

Those who suffer with dizziness problems, please get a complete check-up to make sure you do not have a medical condition that is causing you to be dizzy, or contributing to that feeling of vertigo. Once you know for sure about your health, and your doctor has been unable to locate an effective medical treatment that will work for you, we can help you! Worry and anxiety can cause dizziness, and many of our clients have banished it from their lives by using the techniques of NLP and hypnosis.

Excessive Sweating Problems

People who are having problems with excessive sweating  may not know that there could be a physical reason for this unfortunate condition, or that anxiety and stress can play a key role. No one wants to discuss this problem due to embarrassment, but there is no reason why you must keep suffering from this very treatable condition. Confer with your doctor to be certain there is no medical reason for your excess sweating problem. If you get a clean bill of health, then NLP and hypnosis could be just what you need! Our techniques are able to train both your body and your mind in order to do away with this problem.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome, also widely known as IBS, can really zap your strength and vitality due to its symptoms. These symptoms can also make it really hard to have a normal lifestyle. It's hard for people with IBS to travel, hold down a job, go to school, or go anywhere really, simply because they never know exactly when they will have an attack of IBS and need a bathroom. Hypnosis and IBS can help to reduce and in some cases, eliminate this problem.

Pain Relief

Pain is pain, no matter if it is chronic or happens occasionally. We are proud of the many wonderful NLP and hypnosis techniques we use to relieve the suffering that pain can cause in a person's life.

Canadian NLP and Hypnosis

You may have some sort of physical problem that we did not list, but never fear – we can help you! NLP and hypnosis are very effective for relieving pain, so don't wait! Call either our clinic in Vancouver, or our clinic in Toronto for more information, and directions to the clinic nearest you.

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