'Anger Management' Help

Using NLP and Hypnosis for 'anger management'

Do you have an anger problem? Are you looking for a way to deal with it? NLP and hypnosis are the tools you have been looking for that will help you not just manage your anger, but resolve and get rid of it!

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Some so-called experts have it all wrong!

In today's world, there are so many different things available that are supposed to help with anger management. You have books, “how to” courses, classes, articles – and more – all of them claiming that they have THE information that you need in order to learn how you are supposed to manage your issues with anger. Unfortunately, all of these options have the basic premise of anger management wrong.

Anger doesn't need to be “managed”

The popular theory is that anger management is not getting rid of it, but learning how to control it and keep yourself from having multiple outbursts because of those bad feelings – all the time. Continuously! Now, who can do that? Your feelings of anger are permanent. They aren't going to ever go away, so if by chance you fail to manage them in the proper way, what's going to happen? Yes, that's right. You're going to get really angry because you have been holding your anger in for so long ... managing It. As you can see, there is no way that this method can ever work. It keeps your anger going; even though it is hidden inside you, you still know it is there. Anger that is managed never goes away, while anger that is resolved does. Which one would you choose?

It's normal to get angry sometimes

Everyone gets angry now and again. It's absolutely normal and natural to have feelings of anger, but when you think about it, you realize that anger is a rather limited emotion. When you allow you anger to build to such an extent that it takes over you whole life, you have allowed your anger to become a habit. And, when your anger continues to build to the point where you are facing negative consequences because of it, you have definitely gone too far. You have a habitual anger problem – but no amount of anger management is going to help you.

Symptoms of an anger problem

How can you tell whether or not you have an anger problem? Here are some of the symptoms for you to look over. Do any of them sound like you?

  • You are anxious and nervousness
  • You are sweating to excess, have a rapidly beating heart, and you are breathing rapidly even though you have not exerted yourself
  • Your appetite has changed
  • You have begun to have frequent headaches
  • Your muscles feel tense all the time
  • You feel restless, and irritable
  • You have been having difficulty sleeping
  • It is almost impossible for you to take criticism from someone
  • You have become forgetful, have poor concentration, and sometimes are very confused, which isn't like you
  • You no longer enjoy being around your family and friends, and you have lost interest in all the things that you used to like to do

How did your anger begin?

Probably no one's anger started in exactly the same way. Some people can remember exactly what happened that started them out on the road to anger problems, while others don't remember – it just seems like they have been angry for quite a long time. Perhaps what happened to you is that you just held on to some small event that made you mad, and carried that anger around with you, allowing it to grow and grow in your mind until one day, it pops out and makes itself known. Or, perhaps you had a long, hard day at work. You come home in the evening, and even the most minor things aggravate you and wear on your nerves. Sometimes, anger doesn't show itself at all until the person who has been keeping it hidden uses drugs or alcohol.

Here's what has to take place

But, it does not matter how your anger started, or how you allow it to show itself when it comes out of hiding. If you want to solve an anger problem, you have to do something different than just learn how to manage or control your feelings. What you need to do is be able to identify those old, automatic thought patterns and behaviours that are associated with your anger. Then, and only then, can you retrain your subconscious mind so that your thought patterns and behaviours are calm, centered, patient, and reasonable

How does NLP and hypnosis help with my anger?

NLP and hypnosis take a bit of a different approach to helping you to deal with your anger issues than any other techniques out there. Instead of trying to teach you anger management, our techniques will show you how to set yourself free from your anger and resolve it. That way, you are able to deal with the things that happen in a reasonable manner, without anger. Our trained and professional practitioners will access your subconscious mind and your conscious mind as well, and helps you to develop brand new thought patterns and behaviours, too. These will keep you from being taken over again by anger and emotion.

How long do these treatments for anger take?

Since NLP and hypnosis are so effective, you are able to get the results you are looking for in a very short time. Most of the clients we have had are quite successful at getting rid of their anger permanently with as few as two or three sessions, each of them lasting for one hour. You can take these sessions by yourself, with your partner, or perhaps a combination of the two.

So it is not anger management, it is training to be calmer from the start

Never mind the 'anger management'. Don't allow anger to be the ruler of your life! Our trained and professional team of NLP and hypnosis practitioners in Vancouver and Toronto can help you to resolve all your anger problems so that they never bother you again! Call us today for more information!