Help With Bereavement

NLP and Hypnosis Can Help with Bereavement and Loss

Are you having difficulties dealing with grief? NLP and hypnosis can help with bereavement and make you smile again. Please do feel free to call and talk to us about how we may help you through this difficult time: we have offices in both Vancouver and Toronto.

Grief can be overwhelming to begin with

When you lose a loved one, the grief can overwhelm you until you feel as limp as a rag doll and unable to do anything as you normally would. You need to remember that by definition, “Loved one” does not necessarily mean only your immediate family; it can be a much-loved friend, a beloved cat, or a faithful dog. Some people tend to believe that you should only show grief when a human being dies, and think it rather silly how others insist that the grief from losing a wonderful and loving pet is just as real and hurts just as much as it does when we lose a member of our human family.

It can be so hard just get on with the basic things in life

People who seem very strong emotionally can fool you, too. They usually hold their emotions inside, but let the right combination of factors happen, and you will see that they are very much bereaved, and feel a sense of loss tremendously. The sadness makes it hard to even get out of bed in the morning, much less try to continue on and maintain your normal lifestyle. At times, when the grief is especially strong and long lasting, you can lose your health. People who react in this way could use some help with bereavement.

Destructive grief

It isn't a good idea to grieve in a destructive manner, but many people do, and this invariably causes the people who are around them to suffer, too. When people take destructive grief to the extreme, it can cause problems with their job, with their relationships with their family and friends, and with just about everything in life, too. It is quite difficult to pick up the pieces after a death and go on to live a normal and happy life when your bereavement is still so strong that you pay more attention to it that to the mechanics of daily living.

Get advice and talk about how you feel

One way that you can find out more information about how to deal with and get help for bereavement is to get an idea about what others have done for themselves when they have gone through the same thing after losing a loved one. Most of the time, those who are able to pull themselves through have worked out a constructive way that they can remember their loved one, and figure out a way to take the memories of that person with them in life. This is a much better tactic than existing in a fog of grief and sadness.

We can help you move through the grief process more quickly and smoothly

You may not think it will ever be possible right now, but you can do exactly what those people did. You can honour that loved one that meant so much to you by remembering them with love and keeping their memories close to your heart in a warm and tender manner. This is much better for you than the opposite way to react – with unhappiness that goes on for quite some time and tries to pull everyone around it into its pit of sadness.

How can hypnosis and NLP help me with my bereavement issues?

NLP and hypnosis are excellent help for bereavement, because these techniques are able to teach you how you can consciously decide to think a certain way about your loss. Your mind is quite powerful, and changing its thought patterns from grief stricken sadness to love and memories can go a long way toward help with bereavement. NLP works on the conscious mind, while hypnosis targets the subconscious. Together, these two help you to take hold of your inner strength and gives you the ability to move forward with life.

How long will this treatment for bereavement take?

Most of the time, our clients are able to get useful results within two to three sessions

NLP and hypnosis to help with bereavement - Vancouver & Toronto

Don't allow grief and bereavement to take over your life. Our trained and professional NLP and hypnosis practitioners can help you to fold your grief away and replace it with calmness and a quiet feeling of peace. We are located in Toronto and also in Vancouver. Don't wait – call us today for more information