Help For Insomnia

NLP and Hypnosis Will Eliminate Insomnia

Are you having trouble falling asleep, no matter what you do? You may be suffering from insomnia. Would you like help for insomnia? If so, NLP and hypnosis will fix you right up and help you to sleep like a baby!

Early to bed and ...

How many times throughout your life have you heard that sleep is extremely important to your health? That's correct! Many people have a sleep deficit because they aren't getting enough sleep, some because they seem to have too much to do and “Don't have time” to sleep for eight hours each night. Others would give anything to be able to get a good night's sleep, but try as they might, they are unable to because they suffer from insomnia.

“I just can't sleep”

Night after night, you lie in your darkened bedroom just staring at the ceiling. Sleep just will not come to you. Insomnia seems to be a huge, horrible problem that you will never get rid of! You see your self as an 80 year old, still staring at the ceiling unable to sleep. And indeed, some people do suffer from insomnia for many years. These people need help for insomnia, but have no idea how to go about getting it. They don't want to take prescription medicines, but they have tried just about everything else. The life of an insomniac can be a lonely one, as no one seems to understand what it is like to not be able to sleep when you want to. Help for insomnia could change the lives of many people.

Symptoms of insomnia

Your symptoms may of course vary from those below, but the most common ones that our clients have had were -

  • Having great difficulty falling asleep when you go to bed at your regular time
  • Waking up too early on a regular basis
  • Waking up in the middle of the night on a regular basis
  • Being irritable and moody due to lack of sleep
  • Feeling sleepy and tired all through the day

What contributes to insomnia?

It doesn't matter if you have everyone of these symptoms, or just one – you still need help for insomnia, because just one of these symptoms can effect you greatly, keeping you from getting a good and restful night's sleep. Once insomnia starts, it tend to just get worse and worse as your thoughts and fears about your lack of sleep build up. Insomnia usually has a cause, such as

  • Using or abusing some form of sleep medication, either over the counter or prescription
  • Excessive worrying due to stress and anxiety
  • Pain or some other kind of physical discomfort
  • Boredom
  • Using or abusing stimulants, either prescription or those such as caffeine
  • Trying to hard to make sleep come, which makes it even harder to go to sleep

Will NLP and hypnosis techniques help me sleep?

NLP and hypnosis will help to relieve your insomnia because they help you to change the way your mind thinks, both on a conscious and a subconscious level. You will learn how you can change your automatic thought patterns on a conscious level with NLP in order to change how you respond to and what results from those patterns. Hypnosis will work with and also change those destructive patterns in your subconscious. These two therapies work together with wonderful results to bring help for insomnia.

How long will this treatment for insomnia take?

Usually, two to three sessions lasting approximately an hour each are adequate to get rid of your insomnia. More sessions will be provided if needed. You may be sure that your practitioner will help you to banish insomnia in the smallest number of sessions possible.

NLP and hypnosis in Vancouver and Toronto: Insomnia Treatments

There is no need for you to spend another sleepless night, for our team of trained and professional NLP practitioners will help you to resolve your insomnia problem so that you can get the hours of sleep you need! We are located in Toronto and Vancouver, and are waiting to serve you. Call today!