Help To Stop Binge Drinking

NLP and Hypnosis - Help To Stop You From Binge Drinking

There is quite a lot of excess drinking and binge drinking going on in the world today, and it has become more of a problem than most people realize. Those who go on a binge need help to stop binge drinking. Unfortunately, many of them don't think they have a drinking problem.

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Binge drinking is not glamorous

Young people in college bet with each other to see who can drink the most, while someone else sits alone, bottle in hand, and drinks themselves into oblivion. The media attempts to make drinking sophisticated and glamorous, when it is really quite the opposite. Many people are deceived, though, and start drinking based on what they see both in real life and on television.

“I bet I can drink a lot more than you ...”

People brag about how much they can drink, how they can “hold their liquor” and end up going on a binge. Others never set out to binge drink. They have a couple of drinks in a social setting, and don't know when to stop, or they come home from a long day intending to have a couple of drinks to relax. Before they know it, they are drunk, have emptied a large bottle and are looking for more alcohol.

“I'll never drink that much again!”

In all of the above settings, these people end up extremely drunk. The next day, they are embarrassed and remorseful and hung over. They tell anyone who will listen that they learned their lesson, and will not drink that much again. What these people do not realize is that the thought pattern that caused you to swear you were going to change your habits is the very same one that caused you to go on a binge in the first place!

What is binge drinking?

Many people do not think they binge drink when actually, they do. These are some of the most common descriptions of binge drinking. Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

  • Heavy drinking where you consume a lot of alcohol in a little time
  • Drinking alcohol strictly because you want to get drunk
  • Drinking alcohol and having it lead to some sort of harm, either physical or social
  • Group drinking
  • Drinking because you think that in order to have fun, you have to be drunk

Why you binge drink - explained

What it boils down to is that binge drinking is based on a thought pattern where you are firmly focused on getting drunk. How does this work? Well, often when you possess this thought pattern, you have spent so much time thinking about what you do not want to do that somehow, you end up doing it! So, the only way that you can really stop binge drinking once and for all is to figuratively pull this thought pattern to one side, examine it, and discard it. In its place will go a thought pattern that is more positive and constructive than the one which made you want to drink.

NLP and hypnosis can help to stop binge drinking

NLP and hypnosis can help to stop binge drinking better than any other technique you may have tried. That is because they help you to identify and then change your thought patterns that spur you on to those destructive and disruptive automatic responses and behaviours such as you had when you did your binge drinking. These techniques target both your conscious and your subconscious mind so that you can use your new responses and behaviours to help stop binge drinking for good

How long will treatment for my drinking problems take for me?

Most of the time, our clients are able to change the way that they think about alcohol and drinking, and eliminate the binge drinking in their life, the average number of sessions is 2 - 3.

NLP and hypnosis to help stop binge drinking - Vancouver & Toronto

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