Stop Nightmares And Bad Dreams

Stop Bad Dreams and Nightmares with NLP and Hypnosis

Would you like to be able to tell yourself that you would never have another nightmare? You can banish nightmares and bad dreams easily with NLP and hypnosis!

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Nightmares are no fun!

We expect children to have nightmares and scary dreams at times, but did you know that about half of all adults experience nightmares, too? What's more, some adults have nightmares fairly frequently, which of course disturbs their sleep and leaves them frightened and with anxiety when it is all over. Get nightmares out of your life forever with NLP and hypnosis!

Nightmares can seem to be very real

No one will deny that a nightmare can feel very, very real. They usually bring out strong emotions in us, and usually physical things, too, like falling, running away from someone or something, being trapped somehow, or even dying. One thing that can make a nightmare seem even worse is when you wake up right in the middle of one and can't move! This is absolutely normal, and is called sleep paralysis. We all experience sleep paralysis when we are having our nightly REM sleep, but waking up in the middle of this can be extremely scary!

Anxiety, strong emotions and nightmares

Usually, when we have a nightmare, it is caused by something that has happened to us and has caused us anxiety, strong emotions, or stress. There are times when what caused us to have a nightmare cannot be figured out. This can created more anxiety and stress, which can then produce even more nightmares! This is a rather vicious cycle that has been known to repeat itself over and over again, much to our distress.

Retraining your unconscious mind to stop having nightmares

But, finding out what has been causing our nightmares is not going to help us to figure out how we can stop them. The very best way of all to put a stop to nightmares once and for all is to re-train your brain to turn loose of the troubled thought patterns we have in our subconscious mind, and replace them with thought patterns that are calm and happy, peaceful and relaxed. Once these new patterns have taken the place of the old ones, and become automatic and unconscious thoughts, then the nightmares will be gone for good.

How NLP and hypnosis can help stop those bad dreams

You may be wondering just how you are supposed to develop those “new and improved” thought patterns. And, how in the world are you supposed to make them subconscious and automatic, too? Both of those questions have the same answer – NLP and hypnosis. NLP targets your conscious level, and helps you to figure out what your troubled thought patterns are. Then, it helps you to replace them with calm and relaxed thought patterns. Hypnosis goes after your subconscious, and helps to reinforce those new thought patterns and “etch” them into your mind so that they will be automatic responses straight from your subconscious.

How long will treatment take for me?

Generally, two or three sessions lasting for an hour each will often be enough for you to banish nightmares from your bedroom and your life. Every once in a while, we have a client who ends up needing more sessions in order to make sure the nightmares do not return, but we also have quite a few clients that only needed one session. It all depends on the individual.

NLP and hypnosis to help you end nightmares and sleep well

We can help you to finally be able to get a peaceful night's sleep. We have a trained and professional team of NLP and hypnosis practitioners who are ready and waiting for your call! Visit our clinics in Toronto or Vancouver.